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Risk Management

Total Risk Management Structure

Each company of the DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Group independently manages the risk of its operational executions. Meanwhile, the Group has established a Group Risk Management Committee. The Committee takes initiatives from a Group-wide perspective to resolve issues related to risks of the overall Group.

Initiatives Taken by the Group Risk Management Committee

The DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Group has established a Group Risk Management Committee, an organization set up under the Group Internal Control Committee, to strengthen the risk management of the overall Group. The Group Risk Management Committee analyzes and evaluates compliance, information security, large-scale disasters, and other important risks from the vantage point of risks against the overall Group. It also strives to strengthen measures against risks from the perspective of the optimization of the Group.

Developing a Crisis Management Structure

In addition to risk management that is designed to prevent the occurrence of risks, it is also important for a company to develop crisis management to deal with a crisis, should it take place. The DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Group has established a structure in which the Group Risk Management Committee can promptly make decisions, provide information and take specific steps even at a time when a crisis takes place.

The basic policy of crisis management is to place the priority on the safety and confidence of customers and other partners in trust, take steps to prevent the reoccurrence of risks, and maintain relevant records.

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