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    ESG of our Group

    Our Group engages in ESG with the idea of achieving sustainable growth based on its corporate philosophy entailing “a centurial commitment to building trust and encouraging dreams”. We have categorized each topic we think to be vital to the sustainable development of our Group: E stands for the environment, S stands for society and G stands for governance.

    Corporate value and ESG

    Our Main ESG Topics and Initiatives

    Environment Environment

    With the understanding that global environmental problems are issues that affect the entire human race, we aim to reduce the environmental burden of our core operations through efforts to preserve the environment.

    Social Social

    While properly disclosing information, our Group uses discussions with stakeholders as an opportunity to examine whether its business activities meet their demands and expectations, and feeds back this information in business activities

    Governance Governance

    Each company of our Group independently manages the risk of its operational execution. Meanwhile, our Group has established our Group Risk Management Committee. This Committee takes initiatives from a Group-wide perspective to resolve issues related to risks of the overall Group.

    Activities with trusted associates

    Naming our stakeholders "trusted associates," we build relationships by disclosing information and engaging in dialogues.


    Local communities

    Business partners


    Shareholders and Investors


    ESG report

    GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Standards

    Group companies

    DYNAM Co., Ltd.

    Yume Corporation Co., Ltd.

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