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1967 Mr. Yohei SATO founded Sawa Shoji Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan Our pachinko hall operations began as we opened our first halls in Kameari and Kanamachi, Tokyo.
1970 Mr. Sato succeeded his interests in Sawa Shoji Co., Ltd. from Mr. Yohei SATO.
1978 Mr. Sato took control of the business operation of Sawa Shoji Co., Ltd. and became its president and representative director.
1987 Sawa Shoji Co., Ltd. was renamed as DYNAM Co., Ltd.
1989 Our first suburban pachinko hall opened.
1994 Our first pachinko hall built primarily with wooden materials opened as part of our strategy to rationalise the construction and development costs associated with our expansion.
2001 We built a new head-office building in Nishi-nippori, Tokyo and relocated the head office.The number of pachinko halls in our network reached 100.
2004 The number of our pachinko halls reached 200.
2006 We acquired 100% ownership of DYNAM Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries through a stock swap.
2007 We began to actively promote lower-priced games and a wider selection of general prizes under our Yuttari Kan (ゆったり館) brand.
2008 The number of our Yuttari Kan (ゆったり館) halls exceeded 100.
2009 We launched our first Shinrai no Mori pachinko hall We acquired Cabin Plaza and Daikokuten, adding six pachinko halls The number of our pachinko halls reached 300.
2010 We acquired Okuwa Japan, adding two pachinko halls.
9/2011 DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. is established, as a result of incorporation-type company split from DYNAM Holdings Co., Ltd.
8/2012 We at DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.("DYJH") respectfully inform our company was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ("HKEx") on 6 August 2012.
1/2013 We incorporated our Hong Kong entity “Dynam Hong Kong Co., Limited” on 7 January 2013.
4/2013 A Korean entity “Rich-O Korea Co., Ltd.” became a subsidiary of Dynam Hong Kong Co., Limited on 5 April 2013.


A Beijing entity “Beijing GEO Coffee Co., Ltd.” became a subsidiary of Dynam Hong Kong Co., Limited on 1 May 2013.


A HUMAP Japan Co., Ltd.A Business Partners Co., Ltd.” became a subsidiary of Dynam JAPAN HOLDINGS Co., Limited on 1 October 2013.

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