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    Pachinko Business

    DYNAM Co.,Ltd.

    DYNAM introduced the chain store management theory to the pachinko hall industry for the first time in the industry, aiming at "remaking pachinko as a truly popular entertainment that can be readily and comfortably enjoyed by all".

    Cabin Co.,Ltd.

    the Company is aiming to expand hall operations and establish the platform thereof in a manner as compatible with characteristics of each commercial area.

    Yume Corporation Co., Ltd.

    Yume Corporation operates pachinko halls under "Yumeya" brand based on the motto "Principle of Customers First". They strongly believe that with more chain stores, they can reach out to more customers and provide them with more satisfactory service.

    HUMAP Japan Co.,Ltd.

    It mainly conducts businesses closely relating to pachinko halls operated by DYNAM such as operation of "Menroku-ya" restaurants located next to DYNAM's pachinko halls, coffee services for customers playing at pachinko halls (including provision through coffee vending machines), cleaning services at pachinko halls and so on.

    DYNAM Business Support Co.,Ltd.

    DYNAM Business Support makes optimization and improvement in the management of assets and expenses, and enhancement in the support of gaming machines and sales promotion as well as development of halls.

    Dynam Hong Kong Co.,Limited

    For promoting the investment, management and development in DYNAM Group's overseas business, we will take advantage of the experience and know-how that we have accumulated so far and consider a new business in the rapidly growing Asian Market.

    Business Partners Co.,Ltd.

    Business Partners was incorporated on 11 January 2011 with the aim to promote the employment of persons with disabilities. Business Partners is principally engaged in the provision of cleaning services, and the manufacture and sales of bags, accessories and household supplies under the brand name of Dandelion Hill*.

    Aircraft Leasing Business

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