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About the DYNAM Group


DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.(DYJH) is an investment holding company that holds shares of 4 group subsidiaries consisting of DYNAM Co., Ltd. which operates 391 pachinko halls, Cabin Plaza which operates 9 pachinko halls, DYNAM Business Support Co., Ltd. which provides services to support pachinko hall operation, HUMAP Japan Co., Ltd. which provides food and beverage services and cleaning services, Business Partners Co., Ltd. which has the purpose to promote employment of handicapped persons and Dynam Hong Kong Co., Ltd which manages and grows overseas business development companies. The number of the entire group’s employees is 15,649.

The DYJH Group recruits approximately 300 graduates every year. These graduates have been educated through the social infrastructure. Clearly, DYJH receives a significant benefit from the social structure.

Even if DYJH did not exist, social activities would continue. However, without the existence of society, DYJH could not carry out its activities. Therefore, society comes first, and companies come second. We at DYJH will always strive in the future to find out how it we can earn trust from society. It will also make every effort to ensure that it will never forget its gratitude to society.

The corporate philosophy of the DYJH Group is“A centurial commitment to building trust and encouraging dreams.”A company can operate based on a relationship of trust with six parties: (i) customers, (ii) business partners, (iii) shareholders, (iv) employees, (v) financial institutions, and (vi) managers. In particular, the Group’s nationwide halls cannot operate without the support of the local community. The Group will continue to strive to gain trust from the local community so that the community can appreciate the existence of the Group’s halls in the relevant areas.We will then continue to fulfill its dream of expanding business opportunities in Asia in the future.

※As of October 2015

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