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Group Philosophy

A centurial commitment to building trust and encouraging dreams

A company cannot exist unless it consistently fulfills the responsibilities it has towards its employees, shareholders, financial institutions, business partners and other stakeholders, while at the same time supports and contributes to customers and local residents.

A company is expected to improve the daily lives of its stakeholders. It must also create a world in which all people are united in trust and able to live in peace.

This corporate philosophy represents the spirit in which people and organizations that are united in trust continuously strive to achieve sustainable growth by using their collective energy to achieve their dreams. The term, “centurial” that is used in our corporate philosophy refers to the long term.

The DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Group maintains a long-term commitment to building trust and encouraging dreams.

Five Management Policies

Five Management Policies

1.Principle of Customers First:The DYNAM Group will always adopt the principle of customers first, and act accordingly.

2.Information Disclosure:The DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Group will carry out transparent and fair management by appropriately disclosing information.

3.Chain Store Management:The DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Group will be fully committed to achieving growth through its chain store management.

4.Training of Human Resources:The DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Group will train human resources and use their collective energy.

5.Social Contribution:The DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Group will contribute to society by becoming an organization that is indispensable to local communities.

Three Principles of Actions

1.The DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Group will comply with laws and regulations and rules, and deal with people respectfully.

2.The DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Group will take decisive actions and value teamwork.

3.The DYNAM JAPAN HOLDINGS Group will confirm the actual situation on site, and present it using numerical expressions.

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